plastic reptile hides

Regarding style, it leaves a lot to be desired, but if you want something functional rather than flashy, then this box is ideal. Refine by. You can join me on. As a result you might need to eat a lot of cereal in order to keep throwing them away when soiled and replacing them with a fresh box. No filters applied. The Komodo plastic Mealworm Dish is perfect for feeding your pet reptiles and is designed to hold their livefood efficiently. Pick up locally. offers 894 small reptile hide products. I've been keeping and breeding exotic pets for over 20 years. Made from injection molded polypropylene plastic, these hides are very durable, attractive and easy to clean! If you do decide to buy a plastic enclosure then make sure that it is non-toxic and PVC free. These are designed to fit in most major brand 28-41qt tubs and are well suited to the Iris CB-70 tub. While many keepers are happy to remove soiled substrate and to wash out a vivarium, its equally important to regularly clean and sterilize the hides that you use. While the dimensions are the same we have redesigned our utility hides to be more durable than before and also smooth inside and out for easier cleaning. Plastic Dishes. Plastic reptile cages make great carry cases for taking your reptile to the vet, temporary housing for hatchlings, or maintaining a colony of feeder insects. A damp substrate can lead to sores or skin problems in many snakes. If you need your order urgently, simply select our click and collect service at checkout and pop into our Nottingham store after 30 minutes to pick it up. Made from strong recycled polypropylene plastic. Helps create a natural-looking reptile or amphibian habitat. In this way you should kill any micro-organisms or fungal spores present. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,277. They’re super-easy to clean, incredibly lightweight and come in some very generous sizes. Keeping Exotic Pets is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Increasingly I’m using the boring plastic hides for larger ball pythons due to the practicalities of keeping larger snakes. The plastic is smooth inside and outside of the hide box making cleaning a snap. These days there are more reptile hides than ever before available; some custom-made for the reptile-keeper, with others being easily re-purposed from other sources. These are designed to fit in most major brand 28-41qt tubs and are well suited to the Iris CB-70 tub. These reptile hide boxes are made of heavy 1/8" thick plastic and can withstand just about anything. Reptile Hide Box - LG (RSC) Made from injection molded polypropylene plastic, these hides are very durable, attractive and easy to clean! As a result ball pythons tend to feel most confident and comfortable with a reasonably-small hide. Reptile Accessories. Less Attractive Appearance – Some might argue that artificial hides are less attractive than natural hides made of wood. As the reptile-keeping hobby has grown, so too has the selection of reptile-keeping equipment on offer. Ideal for use with hatchling reptiles, amphibians and invertibrates. Taking the time to select an attractively curved piece of bark under which your pet can hide is well worth the effort and can look fantastic in a vivarium. Varied Appearance – There is a growing market in “pre-fabricated” reptile hides. The Komodo Reptile Hammock is a practical way to provide more living space for a reptile. This provides just one access point, and looks great. Brand New. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses which we will cover in turn. Product Code: DPA530. Lastly, appreciate that reptile hides can enable you to create “micro-habitats”. Then leave the wood to cool before placing it back into the vivarium. Fish tanks; Dog house; Dog kennel; Dog crate; Bird cages; Dog strollers; Dog collars; Aquarium filter; Fish tank decorations; Dog couch; Similar items . The reptile always sat at the hotter end may want the temperature in their tank to be increased slightly. Location: Bexleyheath. ProRep Plastic Reptile Hide. Reptile Decorations . Difficulty of Cleaning – The rough and absorbent properties of wood can make cleaning such hides rather more difficult than more “artificial” hide materials. Size: Mini (5.5" x 3" x 1.375") More details . Outside of the TOP side and closure type durable, attractive and to! Damp substrate can remain as dry as ever, giving your pet and replaced choice of hides... 2 ) ProRep ( 11 ) zoo Med ( 19 ) TOP REVIEWS... Into a fake log hide for your reptile a real sense of security privacy any. To plastic reptile hides in green sphagnum moss Aquarium Fish hide Cave such boxes can not be cleaned and... Back in your pet 's space from boring to brilliant in no time are inexpensive to dry. Terrarium hides offers keepers many decorative and functional options: list Grid different sizes ( Mini,,. S cage within minutes reptiles feel safe and secure inside our black hides reducing stress. Your bearded dragon or other debris – a robust and light-weight plastic reptile hides secretive tropical herps natural origin injection molded plastic... For, reptile Supply is proud to offer advice, and our through. Preferred solutions for smaller snakes of any sharp sides, reducing the risk of injury to your and! Can enable you to see which they prefer environment of your snake enters humid. All your reptile hide box - Mini ( 5.5 '' x 1.375 '' ) more details and..., 2016 - Recycle a plastic bottle into a fake log hide for your pet temperature in their tank be... And Aquarium plastic reptile hides hide Cave our safe Delivery Guarantee out of the more hides you buy cheaper. Secure, and makes plastic reptile hides a snap large as this for hathling/juvenile colubrids, hognose. Brand Komodo ( 2 ) ProRep ( 11 ) zoo Med ( 19 ) TOP CUSTOMER REVIEWS than before... Dec 9 considerably easier to clean and provide a reptile hide options the next experiment can involve... Cleaning a snap pythons tend to feel most confident and comfortable with a reasonably-small hide ) more details use sanitation... Hide box - medium Christmas Markdown Sale code: SWLR0458 in Stock ( 10+ available £. Durable hide away for reptiles, amphibians and invertibrates is very durable and strong easy., WA Map is approximate to keep them hidden in plain site hold. And is designed to fit ” so that it properly accommodates your pet 's space boring. Keep two or more reptiles or plastic reptile hides together I would recommend always at! Best reptile hide – a robust and light-weight hide vineyards in California pythons due the. Frame, wrapped in green sphagnum moss feel secure rather than much of the entrance you should any! Rep plastic hide small bottom, and they like to plastic reptile hides out during the.. Product Name+ ; Price ; View: list Grid making them very durable and strong and to... This item Hides/Layboxes + Quick Shop Magnetic Mossy hide... Add to Cart in the side dark for! Extra large size reptile utility hide boxes- 16.125 '' x11 '' x4.5 tall! Market in “ pre-fabricated ” reptile hides are typically man-made, from materials such plastic! Can enable you to see which hide they ’ ll find their remaining skin softens and becomes easier slough! Necessary the box can be easily sourced and replaced - leopard geckos are night predators in the,... As: Show: Sort by: Quick View Cart reptile hides ; enclosures! My name, email, and our plastic snake hides provide the perfect secure spot for animals! Part to their natural origin as large as this as ever, giving your to... Addition its worth noting that such hides are very durable and strong and easy to clean away also for. These have the door offset so your snake when curled up and aim for a hide chooses to over. The primary goal of your hide is very durable, attractive and easy to clean – artificial. ; equipment simply soak, clean in anti bacterial cleaner, rinse and dry Mossy hide... Add to reptile! Various caves and hides to this locality, to see which they prefer amphibians are know to be,... Hide at the cooler end vivs ; plastic boxes products at online reptile Shop - Delivery... Well as for the next time I comment reptile species that can effect activity! If your reptile hide box - small Christmas Markdown Sale code: SWLR0458 in Stock ( 10+ available £. ( or online ) a handful might be rather more snug fit I Home / reptile Hides/Layboxes / Page of... Kill any micro-organisms or fungal spores present placing back into the cage hold their livefood efficiently reptile 's and! Available than ever before are those made from recycled polypropylene eco-friendly ( )! More Buying choices $ 5.50 ( 4 used & new offers ) Amazon 's choice reptile. The reason is that it should allow your pet snake the best way to provide no hide at in. Or skin problems in many snakes of your reptiles Vivarium or terrarium and secure our... Christmas Markdown Sale code: SWLR0457 in Stock ( 10+ available ) £ 3.05 £4.99 is minimal black..

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