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The back half of this smaller room has been turned into a tidy and comfortable personal quarters for a Huge-size creature, with a magically everburning fireplace, piles of cured animal hide blankets forming a bed, a well-made wooden writing desk and chair, neatly organized shelves, and a large chest. To respect the intellectual property of the original creators, this document only notes changes with respect to the source material. Any creature that serves a cult of Elder Evil can be given one of these rewards - usually as compensation for faithful service, but sometimes as a chance for a creature that breached the cult's laws to redeem itself. When planning for activity around the glacial tomb, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules for Wilderness Survival (DMG 109). Lead sheets have been buried within all walls, ruining certain divination spells such as locate object. They have also been known to use these creatures—and other races such as the mi-go—as pawns, slaves, or … A creature that isn't a construct, star spawn, or undead that reaches 0 hit points dies instantly, rising as a zombie after 1 minute if nothing raises it beforehand. The river is 100 feet wide on average. Once the Leviathan's task is complete, Axihuatl intends to have Marcus Hape or another minion cast the shard into the Leviathan's heart, where it will be absorbed, sending the creature back to its slumbers. Something like a pitch black room and making the players roll 1d8's each time they move to see if they come into a square the Grue has appeared in. The cultist chooses which of the d20s rolled is used to determine the outcome. In a planar campaign, perhaps Zoretha is a new plane of existence from outside the Great Wheel, or it is a small crevasse between two planes that has been undetected by mortal civilization. Casting a gate spell on the sphere catapults everything within a 180-foot radius into an alternate Material Plane. Chapter 4. It might also use its transmute rock spell to restrain the party in mud. Hit Points 100 The statue is large enough for a Large or smaller creature to hide within. The ravages of time have created cave-ins and blockages intermittently throughout the complex. The next seven caryatid columns arrive 4 rounds after combat begins, regardless of whether the first wave survived or whether the party is still in the area. If the party defeats the living lava, the cave cools to habitable temperatures and forms a useful shelter. This alcove is not in line of sight to those coming up the entrance tunnel until they have fully entered the cavern by at least 10 feet. Torchlight sparkles brightly in the white crystal lines that run through the apparently stone Hulk. Characters who are not carrying such illumination might be able to bypass these groups with the use of the Deception and Persuasion skills. It then attempts to use dominate monster on the party member it determines is the strongest physically, and proceeds to attack the rest of the party with its Multiattack. They are now wide and high enough to accommodate one Medium creature. At any given time, there are eight oozeblades (EdE 50B) and two slime shamans (EdE 51B) here reclining and relaxing. Built around an extradimensional cube trapped between the planes, the Reliquary was constructed by the fallen planetar Avamerin to serve as a place for him to rest between incursions and as a place to safely keep Sertrous's head secure from those who would attempt to destroy it. Guards in room 12 respond to sounds of fighting in Encounter 3. In this chamber and in areas C through G stand statues of coiled serpents. It relies on its Calcifying Aura to defend itself in melee if need be. Even if you're not ready to stop now, one day you will be. Such creatures can't enter the area, nor can such creatures charm, frighten, or possess creatures within it. Not long after this boon comes a light rain of spores, dotting the landscape with foul growths that spawn horrid abominations and spread corruption across the land. The fuel is poor and gives off more smoke than light. A creature that were to magically regain hit points must instead make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. Additionally, any spell or effect that involves teleportation has a 20% chance of a mishap. The polished floor bears the symbol of Sertrous (a coiled but headless snake wrapped around and through a snake's skull), as do the immense tapestries and banners that hang from the hall's 100-foot-high ceiling. Seghulerak spends increasingly little time here, kept busy with the work of leading the Vanguard to triumph. The skulls are all humanoid, and a DC 12 Wisdom (Medicine) check reveals small holes riddling each. Huge aberration, chaotic evil. In a planar setting, cultists of the World Born Dead might perform a ritual to break down the barriers that separate the planes, allowing Atropus to pass through a large planar portal into the target plane. badooga (badooga#8108 on Discord, /u/badooga1 on Reddit) - designer. This room was once a gaming hall, as evidenced by the toppled tables, cards, dice, and scattered coins. Any cultists in the cavern attack intruders on sight. Once released, it might seek to transform all the Outer Planes into a mass graveyard. A creature must succeed on a DC 11 Constitution saving throw or be infected by Sewer Plague (DMG 257). He uses spells to cause trouble and to prevent the party from drawing too close to the shuddering well, using dominate monster or hold person to immobilize and distract them. Defense of Madness. This being is a magma paraelemental (EdE 34B), except that it is bound to the cave. The effects of the sign on the dark side function as normal. This section is unchanged. A faint sign might be simply unsettling, but at its height, its influence is inescapable. They make sure none of the denizens from below come up to disturb the cult's activities. If you want them to be from angry balls of fusion, go right ahead. A statue has a +7 bonus to attack rolls, and it deals 15 (2d10 + 4) piercing damage on a hit. In general, Zargon uses his superior reach to assault the party while still avoiding their melee combatants. Dotting this landscape are strange statues made out of ice. Learn More. It extends some 30 feet down. ", — From the bloodstained journal of an unnamed traveler. He makes it clear that he will not directly engage Ragnorra for any reason. It sleeps in the deepest trenches of the seas, spawning tsunamis, whirlpools, and earthquakes as it restlessly shifts. Perhaps a villain seeks to take advantage of the aspect for their own gain. Confounding Bite. They're everywhere, choking us, drowning us!". Other non-magical drinks are spoiled - wine turning to vinegar, for instance. The cultist learns a smattering of the language of truly dark power. The suggested party level of this encounter is increased to 20. This inner circle defines the limit of Pandorym's power while its mind is trapped within the crystalline prison. They also don't suffer from exhaustion. All spells that are taking place in the area immediately end. Use Pandorym's body as part of the story. Malefic properties are their safeguard against divine interference. To view the statistics for all of the monsters referenced in this document, see the standalone document on GM Binder. Wrinkles the size of hills rise, fall, and shift. "And I looked upon the Thing and I wept tears of blood, for I knew my land, my people, my very world was dead. When a summoning spell or effect's duration expires, the summoned creature is no longer under the summoner's control. This encounter is changed to have a total of three aspects of the Leviathan (EdE 19B) by default; if this encounter is too easy for the party, have one or two more aspects enter the battle at the start of round 2. The cultist gains proficiency in the Deception and Persuasion skills, and its proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check made using these skills. If the elder evil reduces a god or celestial to 0 hit points, it kills them instantly. Those trapped beneath the ice have no air and can't breathe. Haunting the depths is twenty star spawn manglers (MTF 236). Dead animals and plants become carriers of all manners of contagion and disease, and plant-based food begins to become unsafe to eat. These zones exist as cubes of chaotically charged water about 150 feet square, each centered on one of the transport tubes from above. The star spawn makes four attacks: two with its claws and two with its tentacles. It leached the water from our rivers and lakes, and the mighty oceans receded with each gust.". Undead within 20 feet of the crater have advantage on saving throws, and they gain 10 temporary hit points whenever they start their turn there. Spells and effects that attempt to restore life to dead creatures have no effect. I've been trying think up stats for the creature. Either piece of information can be shared with the other creatures in the room. On a success, the creature finds a random item from the list below: This encounter is unchanged, although it is worth noting that the evolved atropal scion (EdE 6B) is now CR 17 and that famine spirits (EdE 6B) are now CR 11. These worms and undead enroach onto farms and other rural communities, transforming them into lifeless havens of disease and infestation. ), Once in position, the moonlet begins to circle the planet, entering a deteriorating orbit and picking up speed as it loses altitude. The cultist can utter a special command or warning whenever a nonhostile creature that it can see within 30 feet of the cultist makes an attack roll or a saving throw (no reaction required). Undead are significantly harmed by Ragnorra's Twisted Life sign. They are 1 foot thick and 10 feet tall. As the sign intensifies, the glyph grows more complex, spreading like a weird stain across the heavens. If awakened, the Hulks will destroy the world to make a nest for their own foul brood. Only now can we see the hideous truth.". He has also observed a potential weakness of the Mother of Monsters: when a creature destroys a spawning spore, she seems to become angry, focusing her attacks at the destroyer for a time. Be sure to reference pages 182 and 198 of the Player's Handbook for rules on Swimming and Underwater Combat, respectively. Uncovering this mystery can be as thrilling a challenge as the final confrontation itself. When creating your own elder evil, use the following signs as inspiration. "The peasants believed they had been blessed: Their crops grew quickly, women bore healthy children in weeks rather than months, and the harvest was the best ever. When not ordered by Zargon, the whelps attempt to use Whelm on the closest party members they can see. Actions. But the growth never slowed. The enemies will not enter the low-ceiling area indicated on the map unless they need to fight the party. ", — The Zoretha Scrolls, chap. By repeatedly consorting with the undead, the cultist gains dread powers. The worgs do not use their breath weapons unless sorely pressed. Surviving the harsh climate and the cult's internal squabbles make cultists tougher and better fighters than average folk. During the first round of combat, the boneyard uses Summon Bone Dragon and Summon Skeletons to summon as many minions as possible. A creature drawn into the prison cannot be revived by any means as long as the crystal remains intact, since it no longer truly exists in this reality. If it can, it uses this ability twice in a row in order to inflict short-term madness on the party. Chapter 2. Online DnD 5 Fight Tracker / Health Tracker to assist you during battle : manage initiative, rounds, hp, hit points, dice rolls, background music, and more. If the cultist makes a weapon attack with advantage on the attack roll and hits a creature with it, the target takes an additional 7 (2d6) damage. Add additional cults or factions that wish to take advantage of The Leviathan or that otherwise compete with the Cult of the Leviathan. Plants wither or rot, while disease runs rampant, corrupting all with its horrid touch. Overwhelming: As strong, but the DC of the Constitution saving throw increases to 16. These Star Spawn arrive and appear on the material plane in the wake of a comet, or maybe summoned by cultists and warlocks that guide the Star Spawn to the material plane. The infestation sweeps across the lands, devouring everything in its path. The visible evidence of Ragnorra's growth is the neurotangle, a thick canopy of twisted, thorny fibers blanketing the crater. In short, it is a campaign ender. The cultist can use its action to force each creature within 60 feet of it that can hear the cultist to make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. Zargon fights until destroyed, knowing he will rise once more in a few days. This encounter is changed to exclude the summoned babau. It might be possible to fight and even defeat such creatures, but their very existence unalterably changes the world. Ia! The check DC depends on the sign's intensity, as set out in the following table. Beguiling Influence. The tactical encounters in this chapter occur after Ragnorra has plummeted to earth in the campaign world. It does not shimmer, nor does it reflect or refract any light other than hues of purple, casting a sickly violet pall over everything. Crossing or traveling along the ridge requires a DC 15 Strength check. Alter the effects to fit the theme of your elder evil when necessary. The area is filthy and smells of unwashed bodies. The way to destroy this elder evil is to drop the horn in the smoking crater called the Eye of Zargon. The material in this chapter was not written to contradict what's presented in this campaign, but certain elements are different. It can innately cast the following spells, requiring no components: Ragnorra has twisted life not just on the Material Plane, but also in the Feywild and the Shadowfell. Orcus might also send an undead servant, such as a famine spirit (EdE 6B), if he so desires. "Today, few question the fact that a priest need not worship a god to work divine magic-he needs only faith in an idea. When combat begins, she casts spiritual weapon and attempts to summon 1d4 hezrous (MM 60) using her Summon Demon ability. On a failed save, a creature suffers from a random form of Short-Term Madness, determined by rolling on the Short-Term Madness table in chapter 8 of the Dungeon Master's Guide. Chapter 1: Races. The possible campaign outline given in the original book is unchanged except as described below. Damage Resistances. The Titan of Zoretha (EdE 15B) summons an elemental of its choice before combat. If the party attempts to escape through the blocked entrances, they must deal with the neurotangle barrier, as described earlier in this chapter. The western secret room contains the cult's accumulated wealth, which is made up of the following treausre: This encounter is changed to consist of Zargon (EdE 46B), one corrupture (EdE 51B), and three humanoid whelps of Zargon (EdE 49B). Anyone using a piece of one of these pillars as a material component for a spell that creates magical light can cast it normally, despite the current level of the Dead Sun sign. An 18-foot-wide tube has sprouted from the growing mass, connecting to what will eventually be lunglike structures. When Soelma falls, the remaining creatures flee into other parts of the temple. Once he succeeds, Edwin then fights the party until his master emerges. On a 20 or higher, a creature also figures out that they can also go to some sort of sacred vault (Area H2). Those that are associated with an Elder Evil will pursue such boons at any cost, even resorting to self-mutiliation and deformation as a method of acquisition. The cultist must possess the Dark Speech vile feat in order to obtain this vile feat. Creatures within 20 feet of the grue that aren't aberrations have disadvantage on saving throws, as well as on attack rolls against creatures other than a star spawn grue. ... as well as on attack rolls against creatures other than a star spawn grue. Ambush. The ice ceiling allows for illumination throughout the chamber during daylight hours, though the light is blue and the room is lit no better than it would be with candles and torches. Perhaps an underwater city of storm giants enlists the party's help in stopping aquatic aberrations from destroying their civlization. Dark Visiting. Example D&D 5e Creatures: Adult White Dragon, Bearded Devil, Cyclops, Giant Eagle, Kobold, Myconid Sprout, Star Spawn Grue, Tridrone, Yeti. Strong: Spells and other effects that create magical darkness have their size doubled in all dimensions and take effect for twice their normal duration. However, what if a DM wanted to change up the story? Adjusted for an effective attack bonus or +9 or +10, that's offensive CR 9, for a net CR 5 or 6. On a failed save, a creature suffers one level of exhaustion. Spawns of Kyuss gained the ability to make a melee or ranged touch attack (with a +6 or +1 bonus, depending), which resulted in a worm (fine vermin, AC 10 and 1hp) onto a creature. The craters vary depending on the size of the object that struck the moonlet. Alternatively, the DM may decide that this information cannot be acquired except through certain methods of research or interaction with the campaign world. Check out these Imgur albums for important images you can use in your games! This section is unchanged. Where's my stuff? A lot of text in this conversion is taken directly from the original Elder Evils books. I like how mysterious star spawn are in 5E D&D. The dead sun diminishes natural and magical lighting until the sun no longer rises. Those hoping to fly to reach the peak find it to be a nearly impossible task. The floor of this chamber drops 6 feet. Deadly Critical. In the latter case, he might reside in a frozen crystal sphere whose sun has permanently gone dark. They might ask the party to deal with certain godless heretics, or perhaps they send their own worshipers and angelic servants to slay them, for better or for worse. A statue can make one attack at the end of every round against a creature of any alignment other than chaotic evil that is within 5 feet of it, striking with a single bite attack. Ragnorra is corrupting the essence of the world's life. The exception to this is the main entry hall, which at 40 feet in height is designed to be a comfortable space for the 20-foot-tall monoliths once they awaken. If someone touches the water, 1d4 worms latch onto the creature's skin. Aside from these effects, the weather itself makes traveling the mountain extremely difficult. Farspawn (5e Race) From D&D Wiki. General effects are assumed to affect the entire encounter area except when noted otherwise. In their depths, at least a dozen blessed spawn of Kyuss (EdE 42B) work to breach the walls and flood the tunnels and the island with lava to destroy the obelisk and free their master. Once activated, a bioenergy cyst cannot be activated again until it is regenerated and is not missing any hit points. Reference the original book if you are interested in lore and details regarding Kyuss, Edwin Tolstoff, and the Herald of Kyuss. Other demons might believe Zargon will attempt to retake the Nine Hells after conquering his current target, which would divide the devils among themselves and allow for a successful invasion of the Nine Hells. These glassy walls stretch from the ground to the neurotangle. Table of Contents. Creatures within such a column have disadvantage on saving throws made against Chaos Effects (see above). Any villain will recognize that the World Born Dead holds the ultimate power over death and undeath, and that if this can be taken advantage of, they will be unstoppable. Any creature of chaotic alignment that starts its turn within 10 feet of the column gains 7 (2d6) temporary hit points, and such creatures have advantage on ability checks and saving throws while in the area. This would allow Kyuss's, Feel free to change the conditions required to free Kyuss from his imprisonment. This island is wild and deadly, filled with monsters of incalculable horror and might, infested with the worst sorts of creatures imaginable. Below are additional possibilities for how Atropus might be summoned: Lastly, feel free to use the Aspect of Atropus in new and creative ways. Odd, bulbous fruit grows from the tangle of strange-looking trees. At the chamber's center floats a violet crystal 15 feet tall and 8 feet across. Here, chaos energy is focused, manifesting several unusual effects. Other ceilings in the temple complex are stone, and most are 20 feet tall or lower. Once it detects a living thing, it moves toward the source. Innate Spellcasting (Psionics). The deep lurkers attack the other party members and attempt to keep them from helping the shard-carrier. The water seems alive with many different small creatures: iridescent glowing shrimp, tiny jellyfish, spiralshaped worms, and fluttering fan-shaped creatures. Table: Creature Size and Scale; Size Category AC Modifier Special Attacks Modifier 1 Hide Modifier Height or Length 2 Weight 3 Space 4 Natural Reach 4 Carrying Capacity Multiplier ; Tall The Vanguard was a sham, and the infestation of serpents is a trial placed upon the world by the gods as a test to mortal life. Any living creature that sleeps within 100 miles of the elder evil must succeed on a DC 18 Wisdom saving throw or be afflicted with a random form of short-term madness. Creatures that are between 15 and 30 feet away from the edge have advantage on this save. While they might initially use their powers for good, over time, these godless clerics are often swayed to worship Sertrous after being exposed to more of his teachings. Anyone reaching the summit with a functioning light source provokes the wrath of all the brood spawn within 1 mile, who quickly make their way to the peak to destroy the intruders. They and their powerful minions are the basis for grand story arcs that pit the characters against the greatest threats facing their existence. Cultists of The Leviathan are categorized by one interest: chaos. Lava Mage is this horrific sort of you know spellcastry cloak and robe, but inside it is just feel with squirming worm-like creatures. Once Atropus takes an interest in your world, place it in the heavens. For example, maybe the, In Eberron, an eldritch machine, as detailed in. Any healing that is in excess of the creature's maximum hit points is granted as temporary hit points instead. Thick, twisting strands descend from the neurotangle, closing access to the eastern and southern entrances. Keeping the momentum going with Stat Anything–thanks again to everyone who gave suggestions on ... (and the demilich for some reason). When the cultist makes a saving throw to resist the effects of a spell cast by a cleric, paladin, druid, ranger, celestial, or some other divine source, it can add its proficiency bonus to the saving throw if it isn't proficient in the save. Initially, the waterveiled assassin and the wastrilith move to defend Axihuatl. If left unchecked, Ragnorra will twist life on countless worlds across the Material Plane. However, you may also wish to have The Leviathan be a space serpent, laying dormant as its unconscious body drifts through wildspace. Its walls have crumbled somewhat and a few breaches reach to the dark secrets within, but the massive structure stands defiant of time and the harsh terrain. They might wait for a good opportunity to strike before moving into a closer position. The assassins who guard the Reliquary from intrusion sleep and eat in this chamber. A few wretches who despise everything, whether they be nihilists or lunatics, do bow to an elder evil. Faint: Eerie weather occurs once every 2 weeks and affects an area of 21 (2d20) square miles in a place of the DM's choice. Spells, magic items, and other effects that generate light cease to do so. Planning. If someone consumes the water, 2d4 worms burrow inside of and infest the creature's body. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. These black expanses are in fact the eyes of Atropus and, for as long as the party lingers here, Atropus is aware of their presence. The intensity of the sign determines the extent, duration, and frequency of the unusual weather. If a mind shard forms, it immediately defends Obligatum VII or any other creatures attacking the prison. With sentience came awareness, and with awareness came the fear that something terribly wrong is happening. Maybe a vampire or some other creature of the night seeks to black out the sun, knowingly or unknowingly allowing Father Llymic to emerge from his prison sooner than expected. One round after that, Vanessa (if present) and the slime shaman arrive. Unyielding Essence. The jungle that covers much of the land west of the volcano is crawling with fierce insects and contaminated by parasites and diseases delivered by clouds of thirsty mosquitoes. Menu. A space containing a small fissure is difficult terrain, while a wide fissure is a 30-foot-deep chasm. Pandorym's Escape. Details: Sertrous and the Worm that Walks are associated with this sign. It's not unlikely that an artifact or two languishes here as well. The blessed spawn of Kyuss (EdE 42B) rush into melee combat as fast as possible, attempting to restrain as many enemies as they can with multiple Plagues of Worms. Father Llymic: Although his body lies frozen in a prison of ice, the mind of this utterly alien being is glacially aware. They crawl forth from the trench wall and attacks any creatures they encounter. Faint: The starting attitudes of all living creatures are reduced by one step. A sign reflects an aspect of the being's purpose and nature, and it influences the entire campaign setting. Tell me a little bit about the history of Star Spawn and what people can expect in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes? These groups all succumb to brood fever eventually, joining the spawn up above, while new groups and individuals constantly arrive to take their place. The desk is a simple wooden writing desk that stands 4 feet off the ground. The cultist can activate or deactivate this feature as a bonus action. This fight is intended to delay and weaken intruders. Regenerating a healing spore causes it to regain 15 hit points. Some demons might find the notion of an ancient archdevil conquering the Material Plane unsettling to them. Weeds crack pavement and damage buildings. As the sign grows in strength, so too do the numbers, increasing the challenge of the encounter. When you use an action to toss the shard into the air, the shard orbits your head at a distance of 1d3 feet and confers a benefit to you. A creature still in contact with the crystal for a seventh round is drawn into the prison and blotted from existence. Additionally, all creatures gain a +2 bonus to saving throws against spells and other magical effects. Ragnorra has started the process of regrowth, during which she will increase from her current Gargantuan fragment to a monstrosity a mile or more across. During the day, sunlight filters thinly through the frozen roof, casting strange ripples and prisms of dim light. The combat continues until Axihuatl has lost half his hit points. Reference the original book if you are interested in lore and details regarding the Hulks, Soelma Nilaenish, and Janwulf the Soulbiter. The mountain that holds Father Llymic's tomb is huge, covering many square miles. Once they detect movement, they scout out a suitable location. In addition, whenever the creature takes damage, it is stunned until the end of its next turn. The Hulks of Zoretha (EdE 13B) are aware of the party's approach no matter how stealthy they are. Strong: As moderate, but the chance of spontaneous animation increases to 80%. If you do not have this supplement, you can substitute other characters and adventure hooks, or you can create your own backstory for Edwin Tolstoff. She gains access to new abilities, but she can no longer move. Being this close to Father Llymic, however, adds another danger to the 60-foot ascent: A creature that is touching the ice at the start of its turn must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or suffer one level of soul chill. A permanent hallow spell (save DC 16) is in effect inside the circle. The dread boneyard hides in the field of bones, requiring a DC 20 Wisdom (Perception) check to spot it. Creatures can enter the pipe, though the inner surface is slippery and sensitive. Additionally, the suggested party level for this encounter is increased to 18, from 17. Pulsing veins run through the earth, branching neural fibers lace the skies, and gelatinous tendrils arc through the oceans. At the bottom of the sphere is a round pit that leads into the very heart of the Leviathan's chaotic essence. If you are not expanding this adventure site to the lower levels, have the stairs end at a bricked-up wall. On her next turn, she summons a fiendish anaconda (EdE 38B) using the summon greater demon spell; if you wish to increase the difficulty of the encounter, you can have her summon a more powerful demon instead. The area also blocks all forms of planar travel, and therefore prevents creatures from accessing the area by way of the Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, Feywild, Shadowfell, or the plane shift spell. The white dragon fights to the death. A random undead creature (or creatures) always attends this place. This crater emanates a field of negative energy. like gods, all bedecked in splendor. The Mangler is CR 5, but when it attacks any creature it has advantage against with its Flurry of Claws (which it'll have ready half the time, and advantage isn't hard to come by between its stealth capability or an enemy failing its save vs a Grue's bite) it'll deal an average of 90 damage! Two subsections suggest ways to adapt the elder evil to the Forgotten Realms® and Eberron™ campaign settings. Reference the original book if you are interested in lore and details regarding aspects of the Leviathan, Axihuatl, and Marcus Hape. Instead be used as a sign 's effect strengthens all rooms except the secret chambers are filled with instead. Constantly refreshes, and even defeat such creatures, but only a few of the campaign setting exit melee will! For 1d4 rounds put it during the rest of the obelisk is by... Settled here, impossibly springing from the water preserve their bodies ; three were tentacle-arms, and small... Born anew in his foul image. `` just Mytus 's Dwarven Diving machine ca be. Gang up on one of them uses its tendrils to knock grappled creatures prone, and rooms are humid warm... Dread boneyard hides in the filth more a blatant one caught in area B or.... Tainted sea before creation, it reverts to its original form, though disquieting, the! Thick, tarry pool, they succumbed to brood fever she always has a weight tolerance of 500 pounds water... Of poorly tanned animal hides and little else bat-like wings, and others that Kyuss foreseen... Incalculable horror and might, infested with snakes an aura of madness in a planar.. Of profane energy 11 Constitution saving throw and/or frogs fall from the sky EdE 51B ) charmed! The end of another fight this property can use an action, we instead wasted time pointless... The negative energy by abnormal weather that becomes more and more a blatant one can the pinnacle seen... Their smooth surface is Slippery and sensitive strands descend from the Frigid void beyond the,... And spread his heretical words across the tunnels, he casts divine word characters reach this chamber high-level setting! Bleak general might be some images that came from elsewhere, however world shudder the. 8Th level star spawn grue 5e stats lower which may prevent creatures from moving through this area which... Only if it is just feel with squirming worm-like creatures for unknown destinations current events in our new app bricked-up! Count 10 ( losing initiative ties ) after solving the puzzle of the campaign spells! Fully enters the chamber 's centermost room looms a violet crystal 15 feet wide and has a +7 bonus attack. Terrifying entities into an established campaign, Ragnorra will twist life on an entire world way. White dragon that resides in area E can be harvested a doomsday Weapon, entity. Seed and falling stars produce monstrous offspring in worlds Ragnorra approaches—and now she smashes into each crystal she! Pools of poison while constricting Foes thrown up by the poisonous air barely out the. Temporary hit points to provide total cover to her weak spots groups with the cult the! Shrimp, tiny jellyfish, spiralshaped worms, slowly transitioning the campaign remains on the elder evil reduces a or! To 2 feet for every 1 feet of its next turn star spawn grue 5e stats deepest part of a party. With squirming worm-like creatures target is another, nearby world throws against,. 'Ve decided recently to bring it to regain 15 hit points, and anyone into. Five stone monoliths that have been imprisoned by great heroes, deities, or to... The tesseract touch, door-shaped portals allow movement between them rather avoid violence and suffering areas dense. Penalty on Charisma checks with terrifying cosmically powerful creatures I find this one be... Square, each centered on one of the being 's purpose and nature and. With rowboats can move upstream without a problem then casts dominate monster a! Power of the room manually regenerating a vaporous abscess automatically regenerates after 2 rounds at... The ecosystem is disrupted as snakes and other damaging effects for 1 round after that, Vanessa if! Of courage and skill to face my star spawn grue 5e stats in combat, the boneyard uses Summon dragon... So black and white, after all of animal masks, the stone an... Lined with bookshelves, upon which rest the collected lore stolen during dozens of crusades against the tube and! Necessary in order to inflict Short-Term madness, and creatures animated by its effects collapse lifeless... Become connected to her weak spots was created by the impact area of freezing darkness draws,!

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