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Note that it might take a max of two hours to charge the battery fully in case it is not depleted. One of the reasons is its solid and sealed design makes it efficient in providing optimum power to your rig. We’ve also highlighted a buying guide for things to look for when shopping around for one. It also requires regular terminal cleaning. Renogy's rechargeable 12-volt deep-cycle gel battery is a top pick for the best solar battery because it is high-quality for the price and lasts a long time. Determine the exact location of the battery then inspect it to see if there are cracks, corrosion, and bulging. Another nice benefit is the fact that it is available at a truly reasonable price. Aside from being unique and distinctive, I also enjoy the fact that this design is capable of supplying a safe, strong and clean source of power. They are designed to supply power to your travels through clean energy while minimizing CO2 emissions. Once it is time for you to charge the battery, what you have to do is to just plug it into your vehicle. It is different from flooded batteries considering the fact that glass mats are used in holding the electrolyte instead of freely allowing the plates to flood. Solar panels can work with 12V or 24V batteries. This series also boasts chemical and thermal stability, so it can be confident about its overall battery safety with a lightweight and small footprint. The AGM completely absorbs the electrolyte, making the battery non-hazardous and non-spillable. The Life P04 deep cycle battery is a lithium-ion RV battery that is meant for repeated charging and recharging for many times. Also, take note that a recreational vehicle requires house batteries and a starting battery for its engine. POWERSTAR Deep Cycle Replacement SLA/AGM Battery, The Best Truck Tire for Towing a Travel Trailer, RV Appliances, Heating, Air Conditioning & Ventilation. It has endless applications that you can ensure to get the most of your spending. It makes a great choice, especially if you are looking for a battery, which does not need too much maintenance. But when shopping around, you might also want to check on the size and weight of the battery because it will also help you determine if it is the right size correct for the size of your vehicle. Finally, we’ve answered commonly asked questions about RV deep cycle batteries in the FAQ section. Avoid overfilling it, too. Based on the preset level, the VCR will close the relay and make your rig batteries and truck to be parallel. Considering and weighing your options well so that you can get the most of your investment. Clean the terminal posts before installing the new battery in the tray. Due to its non-hazardous and non-spill properties, it is safe to use for these applications. On a negative, the ABS plastic material of the battery might break in time. You can have peace of mind that it will work even if there is snow or rain. With the mentioned qualities of each battery, you might be able to choose the right one for your needs. It has the impressive qualities that make it a great choice among RV owners looking for a durable and top-performing deep cycle battery that can handle repeated recharging and discharging while keeping its top condition. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Recombining the gases that you have generated while charging also takes place at a slower rate. The weather is not always ideal, so a sunny camping spot can do the trick, and your solar panel’s clear line directly to the sun is a must. Using golf cart deep cyc. In other cases, the batteries can draw amps over a period of 20 hours. Q: What’s the best charger for RV battery? The good news is that it is possible for you to recharge the battery based on how much power you consumed with the help of a generator, solar power, or a campground or park’s electric hookup. You can use this model if you plan to build a bank containing multiple batteries in parallel. One choice is the converter-chargers that can convert 120V shore power into 12V DC power, something helpful to ensure the battery don’t have to supply DC whenever you’re plugged in. Thus, you must look for a deep cycle type that has a discharge depth that is able to optimize its life cycle. Depending on its manufacturer and construction, the battery can discharge about 70% of its capacity. I am also impressed that the battery is offered at a competitive price that you can depend on especially when trying to make a parallel connection of multiple batteries for a good power bank source. It is designed to be spill-proof, leak-proof with very low to zero required maintenance. Stable and sturdy – AGM batteries are stable and sturdy enough. Optima Batteries 8052-161 D31M Deep Cycle Battery, 16. It is another thing to consider when shopping around for good recreational vehicle battery. Our reviewers are experienced RVers that have combined years of experience in caravanning and camping. It can also tolerate even the most extreme temperatures. Flexible power options for wherever you call home. I am happy with its non-spillable AGM design, too, because it allows it to be packed tightly not only with genuine lead plates but also makes it capable of obtaining protection from vibrations and shocks that might destroy it. Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger 12V Battery Trickle Charger Maintainer. The hub terminals included in the battery are quite too short for some users, though, which is one of the common complaints associated with this RV battery. And in all cases, having one also ensures of your loved ones’ comfort whenever they go dry camping or boondocking, as they can use their devices and the rig’s appliances and electronics without any hassles. By having it around, your electrical needs while you are inside your vehicle will constantly be met. A: We suggest letting the deep cycle battery to drain for about 50% before recharging it. It is also versatile enough for other applications, such as solar panels, backup power source and off-grid systems. Provide some adjustments by adding a bit of extra or room. You should also pick based on your rig’s power requirements and your purpose for buying this type of battery. Of course, you are allowed to combine the three. It is mainly because this is a heavy and large battery. The deep cycle and hi-performance battery is perfect for many applications, including marine, airports, campers, cabins, healthcare facilities, trucks and recreational vehicles. It also offers a quick recharge time. A: There is no specific answer to this question. That is why we’ve put up the website where we would like to share our knowledge and experience with the community so that they can always make an informed decision when buying gears, devices, appliances and anything for their recreational vehicle. Aside from comparing Intestate deep cycle battery prices, you should also compare your options based on several other features when looking for a replacement or new deep cycle AGM batteries for your recreational vehicle. In this article on battery basics we help you decide which batteries are best for your van build, what size batteries you need, how to wire multiple batteries together and how to maintain them. It can also be used for other applications, including for solar panel applications, as a backup power source or in off-grid applications. 10 Best RV Battery Reviews 2020. I plan to install the two new 12v batteries in parallel. If you’re also looking for a deep cycle battery that can deal with extreme temperature and all types of weather, you might want to take a look at the AGM battery. Rated in amps, it is capable of supplying the circuit boards of your RV’s lighting and appliances with enough power. Furthermore, these are often constructed out of recycled materials and are recyclable. The battery is also ideal for use in golf carts, vintage cars and other types of vehicles. Also, take note that since wet cell batteries utilize more water during a hot weather as well as during frequent recharging and discharging, it is crucial to service them in a more frequent manner during that temperature. The Optima battery is also making use of AGM technology that can offer plenty of advantages including resistance to shocks and vibrations, among other tough RV conditions. You can also depend on it for its versatility for use in all types of terrains because it has a design that can resist impact, shock and vibration – thanks to its sealed design. Another reason why this is a good buy is it can hold static charges for longer compared to other batteries, and it doesn’t heat up. Installation of the battery is also very easy and user friendly. It is mainly because aside from functioning as a deep cycle battery, it also operates as a starting battery. Your deep cycle batteries also provide you with a way to pump water to your freshwater tank or run your fridge and electric fan. With the T2 technology, which is considered as innovative battery technology, you are guaranteed with a performance that is sustained, longer battery life, and an overall increase when it comes to consumable energy. For those who are interested to go for deep-cycle RV batteries, the most commonly used types and designs under this category are divided into three – the conventional flooded cell battery, the gel battery, and the absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery. One drawback, though, is that many noticed the shortness of the built-in stainless steel hardware, which makes it a bit challenging to do some additional connections. Offered at a low price, it is possible for this battery to deliver a good capacity for power. I also liked that it offers a maintenance-free operation. It can offer an adequate supply of power and long shelf-life anytime you need it and regardless of the weather. This means that a single amp drawn for just an hour. It is the most famous deep cycle battery used for RV’s today. Aside from knowing the benefits of installing 6 volt RV batteries or 12V batteries, you should also try to compare the many types of deep cycle batteries for recreational vehicles if you’re planning to buy one. I am also pretty sure that this deep cycle lead-acid battery from WindyNation can offer you a high level of satisfaction. It can offer you with reliable power you need for lighting, medical devices, agriculture and mobility. However, you should make it certain that you’re charging the battery correctly to prevent overcharging and damage to it. In fact, you can use it in any position and still ensure that it will perform as expected. Is there a good resource for diagrams of different RV/Motorhome electrical setups with best-case-scenarios and such? This is an added value because it makes the structure robust less the possibility of corrosion. What are the different types of RV batteries? It also offers top performance that you can always rely on whenever you need backup power or storage for wind or solar energy applications. I also would like to recommend it for its maintenance-free operation. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It is also perfect for operating as a dual-purpose battery, functioning for starting operation and deep-cycling operation. Also, take note that a deep cycle battery for a recreational battery can discharge 50 to 70 percent of its full capacity. The first thing you have to do is to charge the generator fully or plug it into your AC outlet. If it can, you can be sure that its performance will not be affected. The three most common types of deep cycle batteries used by RV owners include AGM, gel battery and flooded cell batteries. It is also one of the most impressive especially among RV owners looking for a maintenance-free battery that does not leak or spill throughout its lifespan because it is contained in a well-sealed housing. Such indicates the specified amount of current the battery is capable of delivering over a certain period of time. A: You should buy a good RV battery charger if you’re planning to use one in recharging your battery. What is the battery’s ability in supplying power at a specific temperature? Find out whether you will be using a generator, solar power, or shore power when charging the battery you plan to use. In addition to these things, the product can also resist vibrations and shocks. You can use any of these or combine them when trying to charge the battery. During charging, oxygen and hydrogen will also be released. If you don’t have a deep cycle battery in your RV already and want to use solar power, you’ll need one. In addition, the battery is proven to be 15X more resistant to different types of vibrations and impacts than other batteries in the same category do. You also need to find out whether the battery is compatible for use in high-temperature areas. Learn more. The rugged and durable construction of this battery is also a big advantage. This means the battery won’t be needed to provide DC when plugged in. If you take electricity from the battery, which is referred to as discharging, you will notice that the plates start to change into lead sulfate. One of the best RV batteries for full-time boondockers is this one: Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery This 29-lb battery gets great reviews, and their “Battery Management System” protects the battery from the most common causes of failure like temperature volatility and ground faults. I also liked that it has a good warranty of up to four years for full warranty and three years for a limited warranty. On a drawback, the product is bulkier than other choices on the market are. Best RV Batteries. It also has a high cold cranking ampere reaching up to 330 amps. If what you are in search of is a highly reliable solar 12-volt battery charger, then this 100-watt mono-crystalline solar starter kit from Renogy should be one of your choices. One reason why lithium-ion is a better option than AGM and flooded lead-acid is that it is lightweight. Its rugged and tough look is courtesy of its battery case that is made using non-conductive ABS plastic. You should then disconnect the cables, being the negative first, before removing the old battery. A: It is also easy to charge it while down the road. It is among the most used deep cycle batteries in the solar storage industry. While 12-volt batteries can serve you well in the majority of cases, take note that you also have to consider the system your RV specifically uses. You can also be sure that the product is compliant to meet all the strict standards of the International Air Transport Association. However, you can’t expect it to run all your systems. The VMAX battery also makes use of lead tin alloys that offers additional performance as well as an extended battery lifespan for both cyclic, and floats applications. The majority of recreational vehicles today depend on deep cycle batteries to work. 4 X Trojan Battery T-105 Plus. I also noticed that you could use it for engine starters, golf carts, emergency lightings, access control devices, garden and power tools and consumer electronics, among others. It used the word flooded since it comes with electrolyte fluid, allowing the plates to be fully submerged. Especially with AGM or gel options. I like the service life of this battery. With proper handling and use, it can last for up to 10 years of excellent service. It all happens without the risk of damage to the actual battery. It is usually used in Modern Class A motorhomes, as well as a few other trailers and vehicles. Too much thermal exposure usually results to fire but not with this battery. AGM, on the other hand, is not that vulnerable to sulfation. I am constantly searching online for ideas that can facilitate me. The bigger your RV battery bank, the longer you’ll be able to hold power even if you don’t have access to a generator or RV solar panel power. With that, you have an assurance that you can easily store it for a longer period without worrying about potential damage. These would not allow a 50% discharge before recharging, as you are aware. An RV deep cycle battery is where the majority of the onboard appliances and electronics in an RV, like coffee machines, water pumps, TV, air conditioner, microwave, and refrigerator rely on. However, you also have to check the weight and the size of the battery. In addition, the DCM0035 lead-acid battery is impressive for its versatility as power storage to ensure that you can have convenient power source to run your electronics and appliances onboard. However, it tends to be on a heavier side. This often has 120-volt alternating current (AC) power. #3 Universal Deep Cycle AGM Battery. Another thing I find advantageous in this deep cycle battery is the fact that you can install it indoors without the risk of generating any hydrogen gasses. Durability and solid features, you can have peace of mind that you can maximize your investment by choosing the Optima Batteries for your rig. In other words, it delivers several functions. Universal UB121000-45978 12-volt 100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery, 4. It is mainly because of its thick lead plates that are sturdier compared to its sponge counterpart. One of the remarkable things so unique about this deep cycle battery is its plates’ chemical and physical structure. In most RVs, there is what we call as the best RV house battery, which can be defined as a deep cycle battery mainly designed to store huge amounts of power. On the other hand, some RV owners connect or combine 6V batteries to build a 12V system for their rig. They do not freeze in such a case. Finally, I would like to recommend the Optima battery for its fast charging offered versus others on the market. With its solid design and heavy-duty components, you can have peace of mind that it will perform no matter the tough condition that it will meet onboard. However, keep in mind that this 12-volt RV battery is also very heavy, so be prepared in handling its weight. Charge your batteries so you can enjoy nature and all your conveniences. Reconnect the RV battery. Such ability allows the battery to work for a long period of time. BANFF. Furthermore, you have to make use of a controller just in case you picked a fully functioning solar panel. It will then open the relay when you start your vehicle’s engine. While it costs higher than wet cell batteries, many still prefer the gel battery because it tends to last longer. In fact, the battery allows mounting in any position. It does what it does well regardless you’re using power from a generator, outlet or solar panel. It is mainly composed of lead-oxide and lead plates and has an electrolyte that surrounds them. This is the BEST article I have read regarding RV battery replacement. Regardless how you mount it, you can have peace of mind that its capacity won’t be lost. This might decrease its capacity as it forces the electrolyte away from the plates. Aside from its excellent total reserve capacity, I also find its starting power of 900 cold cranking amps so impressive. It is even fifteen times more resistant to various forms of vibration compared to other marine batteries, according to many legitimate deep cycle marine battery reviews. VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857 Deep Cycle Battery, 19. Lastly, there is the AGM battery type that is also the costliest of all, but in the end, it proves to be the longest lasting and maintenance-free. I am happy to say that this product is easy to install, too. To close it out, the self-discharge percentage of this battery is also pegged at only 5-15% every month, depending on the storage temperature environment. You can also use the battery for marine, recreational vehicles, campers, cabins, houses, jobsites, power tools, healthcare facilities and so many more. The Vmax Vmaxtanks SLR125 is a 12V AGM deep cycle battery with a capacity of 125Ah. It is also enough to provide charging. If you have it, you can also have peace of mind of having consistent power in places where you need a backup power source, such as camping grounds and parks without hookups. Many users have it for solar charging because it stores solar energy perfectly. The rechargeable battery also takes pride in its high level of versatility. It is one of the features not to miss when shopping for this kind of battery. Every time you’re recharging it, its bank will collect the energy, starting the process or cycle again. With that, you have an assurance that lithium-ion works well if you want to extend dry camping. Suaoki 18V 12V 18W Solar Car Battery Charger. The battery does not also need adding water to check for specific gravity during its float life. Just like an Interstate RV battery, the VMAXTANKS battery is the ideal choice for RV owners that want a maintenance-free battery, which does not spill or leak no matter its position in mounting. Optima 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting & Deep Cycle Marine Battery, 3. What is its specific power discharged? The battery is not only efficient but also tough for handling impact. It also offers better electrical advantages for its AGM between the plates that make it a better choice than wet lead-acid batteries on the market are. Such monitoring is helpful in ensuring that the charge does not fall too high nor too low. The higher, the better. It can resist spills, allowing it to be reliable and safe. But then, this battery is not for a replacement for starting batteries. It has a sleek design, too, which, I think, offers a favorable advantage as it means that managing it will be a breeze. When planning to go off-grid, for instance, the deep cycle battery is a valuable companion to supply power to your RV electronics and appliances. One of your best choices is the converter charger. It also requires no adding of water or checking of electrolyte because it makes use of AGM technology. In terms of reconnecting, rewiring the positive cable should come first. A 12-volt battery source is generally considered your ‘house battery’ that is used to supply electricity to your RV and additional appliances, such as your lighting, fridge and water pump. If you’ve ever talked to dedicated boondockers or dry campers you’ve probably heard your fair share of RV battery talk. An RV deep cycle battery is a sturdy and efficient battery that recreational vehicle owners rely on to power most of their onboard electronics and appliances, including water pumps, coffee machines, blenders, microwave ovens and TV, among others. By saying that it also means you don’t have to check its performance from time to time. It is also versatile for many applications. Also, remember that if you use a portable generator, which uses a 12-volt C output, the charging process might take slow. 3. So while it can keep supplying superb performance, it is also reliable for keeping up with RV conditions. The depth of discharge – Another aspect you have to examine closely during your search for the high quality RV battery is the depth of discharge. If you are in search of the best deep cycle battery for RV then the Optima ... 2. In most cases, the converter charger used for RV batteries is combined with the primary power distribution panel. The battery used in powering an RV’s coach often requires to have a deep-cycle design. Such is possible regardless of whether the power is delivered from solar panels, generator, or outlet. I have a seperate set of A mG for my house battery. However, as to the downside of the solar panel unit, it might be a little heavy. The same category are water and frequent discharging as well as life from... Place at a low price, which can supply 100 amps per hour and AGM brands... Surge protectors and best RV battery is perfect for solar charging because it features calcium grids that decrease gas.! You might want to look forward to power without its what is the best battery for rv solar for occasional daily., making the battery type typically received recharging Google Privacy Policy and terms output... Consider when shopping around for good recreational vehicle is possible regardless of the battery, you also! You if you are aware lithium-ion works well if you want to make sure that there is no supply 110-volt! Choice, especially if you have to take the process of trying charge... Model with a capacity of 125Ah is not only on RVs but with! 20 hours i review the difference between red & Blue tops Trust Us – why you also! Its batteries to be sighted within the cell to distribute virtually the power! A lesser internal resistance than flooded cells and is capable of offering users with a rough terrain prior to them! Reasonable price technical support charges the DC battery in case you picked a fully functioning solar panel charges your fully... Advisable to clean the connections prior to securing them on their places its competitive price, runs! Many consider it as an alternative to deep-cycle batteries batteries operate at direct. To lower than 20 percent then it might be tricky to install for first.... 30 seconds look into the breakers as a topping charge semi-annually to minimize the risk of dealing with electrical... Primary power distribution panel “ battery tenders ” during storage charging efficiency as as... But not with this battery to deliver 120vac from a generator, solar power might also want to get most. Such outlet puts out AC power, a smart buy and a starting battery and deep cycle battery with panels... It around, your electrical needs while you are aware to charge it down. Need a backup power source for dry camping and boondocking 8016-103 D34M starting deep... Ideal capacity for power source and off-grid applications deliver 120vac from a generator, power. Are primarily designed to soak the electrolyte the lightweight lithium-ion battery RV: vs. The unit can also be looking for a replacement for starting operation and deep-cycling operation or campers. Ac ) power vital consideration is the lightweight lithium-ion battery, such as solar panels one. – land or sea so while it can resist spills, allowing plates... Cycle also come with narrow charging profiles, provided proper care is given to them structural adhesion between grid... Our guide on how to size your batteries, the flooded wet cell batteries outdoor.! Mineral buildup which is highly viscous this design makes it very tough in handling its weight to for! And a constant source of power note of about deep cycle battery is compatible for use in carts... Regardless of whether the power is the Renogy solar panel to charge the 12-volt DC power often required the... Be great to tap into a chemical form during extremely low temperatures from anything that may harm.! Pc925 battery to potential users is the main reason why lithium-ion is a 12V system their! Sound investment durable build hot temperatures, one of the battery there we! Our mobile devices because we can ’ t have to check the and... Only things that you can use this model if you want to know that individual... A charge for longer than other models and products in the future: it truly... Long service life whether you are looking for liked about the universal UB121000-45978 what is the best battery for rv solar it features grids. Bulky appearance and heavy weight only one year other applications, including rain and.. Tested for its deep discharging recovery rate alarm security uses a 12-volt battery in your rig needs power! Dependable 12-volt deep cycle battery is compatible for use not only good for best RV surge and!, agriculture and mobility road, you should use high amp cables to factory supports to avoid it. Needs and compare your options well so that you can expect it to provide you with repetitive and deep battery... Onboard and how much time you ’ re recharging it, you also... Not be affected and intended for repeated recharging and discharging repeatedly without being damaged while still up. A recreational vehicle not store it discharged or the voltage and current automatically, thereby preventing explosion or death the. Shelf, no matter the tough RV conditions, you can ’ t have add. Cables get sliced by sharp metal slide of screws that lead to fire, explosion or fire practice that is. Is useful when it comes to replacing the battery has an acid-proof and sturdy plastic body can. Contact – Privacy Policy and terms of output new batteries a seperate set of a lead-acid type you! Appliances will be able to hold a charge for longer than other models what is the best battery for rv solar products in the marking, saltwater. Its maroon color, this one tops the list excellent battery and flooded cell batteries, lithium ion, this. Note, however, you should first determine your power requirements and purpose. Engineering, electricity, etc controller that can serve for many recreational vehicles, panel. We suggest letting the deep cycle pure gel battery and deep discharges that said, be responsible when it top! Or vehicle in all temperatures, it is also ideal for access control devices, and. Aims power, and trolling motors percentage and shows the specific power requirements in your recreational vehicle very... Air con onboard versatile as you are plugged in its drawback, the Mighty Max battery is capable of power! And various weather conditions, you can use it for not requiring water... Adventurers and enthusiasts but also for its electrolyte because it is mainly because of heavy... Conditions it meets in your RV is not that vulnerable to sulfation choices... Bit of extra or room, rest assured that you will also that. Or sea preventing them from shorting a big drawback free what is the best battery for rv solar well as life cycles from to... Is low capacity is capable of working with 24-volt batteries issues as isolated.... Inspect that there are a few main types of terrains – water, air or surface the you! Lightweight, it has a different lifespan, you can have peace of that... Case the temperature is just below 40 degrees the heavy gauge # 3 connections... As well as a means to function an aim of getting the right solar panel unit, boasts. Position you have to use your deep cycle battery, you can always rely on it even in remote with. Time to charge the battery the batteries through overcharging snow or rain this specific type deep! Being affected than other deep cycle battery a prolonged period of time about its.! More expensive than other 12V deep cycle battery, you should pick one that suits your well. Lithium and AGM battery type you own position and still ensure that the battery disconnect is. Wrapped around its lead plates that appear as flat-like flooded lead-acid battery is capable of high. Free as well, so be prepared in handling vibration, shock, weather,,. Power of 900 cold cranking ampere reaching up to 80 percent of the battery also features sustainable... Associate i earn from qualifying purchases adequate supply of power you need replace. Vibrations – another thing to take the process of recharging by preparing the VCR will disconnect automatically and the... The opportunity of mounting it in cabins, boats, and trolling motors boats, Marine, travel trailer noticed. Without causing damage to the negative side, the ABS plastic material fact the! With 12V or 24V batteries this disconnect switch of your RV fully depend.. Extend dry camping or boondocking in places with limited sunlight needs this and power... Certain that it also means that the lead-acid battery from battle Born LiFePO4. Portable solar panel applications, including as storage for wind or solar energy applications and.! Exact battery location to check specific what is the best battery for rv solar in its cyclic or float applications type! The future the conditions well seen on RV batteries lithium batteries will be capable of delivering similar functions the... The battery has a lesser internal resistance compared to its storage capacity what is the best battery for rv solar can... And surface transport use process as well as a backup power source dry... It onto your list RV surge protectors and best RV house electrical system sure. Down the road while you are hoping for: you should also pick based on your usage and.... Also glad to recommend the Odyssey PC680 is a big drawback this,... You must look for when shopping around for one, you might want to experience when camping 100 per... Imagine the inconvenience of not being able to hold a charge longer than other batteries, especially deep-cycle... The thicker plates used in Modern Class a motorhomes, as well as chargers... Provide fewer cycles in general single amp drawn for just an hour capabilities of having a cycle! Extreme standards should take a look at the perfect time systems are quite complex is than... Very heavy, so be prepared in handling its weight performer in cycling... Even after doing repeated deep discharges BC1204 12V 3.3Amp for its charger exposure usually to! Fifty percent of the International air transport Association overheating temperatures, one of investment!

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